Offers a perfect blend of residential and commercial areas.

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Condado Tourist Area In San Juan.

Condado is a chic oceanfront neighborhood wedged between the Atlantic Ocean and the Condado Lagoon and linked to Old San Juan by a bridge built in 1910. The district developed a voguish reputation in the 1920s that was renewed by revivals in the 1960s and again today with the renovations of hotels and other key properties. Condado offers a perfect blend of residential and commercial areas where everything is within walking distance, making it one of the most coveted places to live in Puerto Rico.

Ashford Avenue is Condado's main street and home to elegant hotels, luxury condos, boutiques, restaurants and shops, well as a general hospital and two of the best K-12 private schools on the island. Near Ashford are quaint, tree-lined streets with colonial style single family homes, low- and mid-rise apartment buildings and small guesthouses. Many of the properties have been preserved in their original Art Deco style, giving Condado a cool retro vibe.

Start your day at your favorite coffee shop. Take a relaxing yoga class. Walk to the beach and work on your tan. Go paddle boarding in the Condado Lagoon. Splurge on a shopping spree up and down Ashford Avenue. Have a fancy cocktail at a hotel bar and tapas at a restaurant down the street. You'll never run out of fun things to do in Condado!

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