Guaynabo is an excellent place to work or run a business.

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Guaynabo Municipality.

Located in the San Juan metropolitan area and only 20 minutes from the Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport, Guaynabo offers an interesting blend of historical significance, modern urban vibe and nostalgic suburban appeal. The municipality is a very popular place to live because of its proximity to San Juan's main attractions, coveted exclusive residential areas, top schools and local branches of U.S. and international companies.

The first European settlement in Puerto Rico, Caparra, was founded in 1508 by Juan Ponce de León in what is now Guaynabo. The settlement was abandoned in 1521 in favor of San Juan, and the so-called Ruins of Caparra (Caparra Archaeological Site) that remain there are a U.S. National Historic Landmark. The municipality of Guaynabo was founded in 1769.

Guaynabo is an excellent place to work or run a business. Among the companies either headquartered or with operations in Guaynabo are El Nuevo Día, Chrysler, Santander Securities, Puerto Rico Telephone, Total, Microsoft, Toshiba, Puma Energy, and Iberia. WAPA-TV and Univision Puerto Rico have their main studios in Guaynabo.

Guaynabo also is a great place to raise children, as it offers some of the best schools in Puerto Rico and numerous controlled access neighborhoods.

A bounty of experiences awaits you in Guaynabo!

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